Members' Annual Weekend of Gardens

36th Garden Weekend & A.G.M.
3rd June 2018

Application forms will be in the MARCH 2018 Magazine, and information about places to stay in the area will be available to all who book.




The 35th Anniversary Garden Weekend & A.G.M. in 2017
Haskayne Village Hall, Haskayne, Lancashire,  L39 7JE

Kate Lawson \ John Foley \ Mo Sawyer \ Roy Foster \ Patricia Foster \ Maggie Mason \ John Jones \ Marcelle Maloney \ Jeam Roscoe \ Sue Clarke \ Clive Lane.

John Foley gave a great talk on plants and the various growing conditions.   John owns the Howden Clough Nursery near Clitheroe:

 John Foley giving his talk at the A.G.M. - & - Marian Jones who was at the A.G.M. received her prize from the Chair, Patricia Foster.

All three gardens this year belong to C.G.S. members and are open regularly for the National Garden Scheme. ( N.G.S. )

   The Garden Weekend in 2016 was held at Brownsword Hall, Plummery Square, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 3GW.    The date will be earlier than in previous years, namely 4/5 June.   On the Sunday the Betty Sheppard Memorial Lecture entitled 'Using Perennials in the Modern Garden', will be given by Neil Lucas, followed by visits to local gardens.   Neil comes from Knoll Gardens in Dorset and is a Chelsea Gold Medallist.


The 2015 Gardening Weekend and AGM took place near Shrewsbury on June 20th/21st. The speaker on Sunday 21st was Andrew Humphris, head gardener of Wollerton Old Hall. His talk in Bayston Hill Memorial Hall was preceded by the AGM and followed by lunch and a visit to Wollerton Old Hall Garden.

The main change to the Committe was that Caroline Harcourt stood down as Chair and Patricia Foster was selected as new Chair. Thanks were paid to Caroline for the tremendous amount of work she has put into running the Society and guiding it though some difficult times. She was presented with a leaving present. Unfortunately our President, Nick Hamilton, was unable to attend but sent his address, which was read out. You can read it here. 

We had a stall selling members' plants on Sunday organised by Margaret Mason. There was also a raffle organised by Marcelle and Peter Malloney of the Bucks group.

Committee members et al at the 2015 AGM - from left to right Roy Foster, Jean Roscoe, Caroline Harcourt, Clive Lane (administrator), Linda Enderby, Margaret Mason, Alex Woodhead, Maureen Hersee, Patricia Foster, Sue Clarke, Andrew Humphris (Head Gardener, Wollerton Old Hall), Bill Sowerbutts.



 The Garden Weekend in 2014 was held at Hemmingford Abbots, with trips to the gardens of The Manor and Walden Cottage.  The speaker was Geoff Hodges.


Walden Cottage


Committee members et al at the 2014 AGM - from left to right Ann Broscomb (our talking magazine producer), Julia Boulton (magazine editor), Jean Baston, Rob Baston (vice-president), Patricia Foster, Geoff Hodges (speaker), Nick Hamilton (president), Caroline Harcourt, Alex Woodhead, Maureen Hersee, Sue Clarke, Jean Roscoe, Roy Foster, Bill Sowerbutts, Clive Lane (administrator)



The 2013 AGM

This was held at The Education Village in County Durham.  The speaker was John Grundy talking about "Great Gardens of Northumbria".  A visit to Thornton Hall Gardens took place in the afternoon. 

Members of the Executive Committee, plus Clive Lane, our 2013 AGM speaker (John Grundy, third from the left) and Vice-President, Rob Baston, and his wife Jean (both far right)


Thornton Hall Gardens


The 2012 AGM

This was the 30th anniversary of the Society.  Consequently, the AGM was held in the very pleasant  Sedgebrook Hall in Northamptonshire, with a visit to Coton Manor Garden in the afternoon.  A talk entitled "Downsizing a Cottage Garden" was given by Helen Yemm, with another by  Stephen Crisp. There was a meeting for group representatives on Saturday 23rd and a dinner that evening. 

photographic competition





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