Photographic Competition

   The first Photographic competition resulted in a calendar for 2017, which sold out.   2019 is our forth year, and the NEW 2020 Calendars will be available in a few months (limited stock only).   Postal price T.B.A..   Currently, the competition runs between December and April, but if you have any question or require advice, you can contact the email provided at any time of year.


   Any kind of camera can be used, and as long as the photo\s are plant\garden related, they will be acepted.   The full sized image is required, and the member submitting the photograph\s must be the person who took the image.   The competition is open to C.G.S. members only.

   NOTE: If sending photographs taken on mobile devices, please see Help & Information lower down the page.




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Rules of the 2018\19 Photographic Competition



  • The competition is FREE to enter.
  • There are a maximum of 2 entries per Member.
  • Any type of camera may be used: film/digital/compact camera or phone.
  • Entries must be clearly labelled to include your name, membership number and title for the photograph.   A month when taken is useful, but not required.
  • When  emailing digital entries, please make the subject of the email ‘The CGS Photographic Competition 2019’.
  • Entries to be submitted by email to: or by post:
    Shop printed images only - no self prints, as they do not reproduce well enough.
    If submitting an actual print you would like returned, you MUST enclose a S.A.E.
  • Photographs should be of gardens, flowers, plants, insects, (or a combination).
  • Black and white conversions are permitted.
  • No image previously published and/or sold may be used.
  • No composite or manipulated images will be accepted.
  • The competition is open to CGS members only and excludes members of the National Committee.
  • The National Committee will decide the winners and their decision is final.
  • There are no alternatives to the prizes stated.
  • In the event of too few entries, the CGS reserves the right to withdraw the competition.
  • Deadlines for entries: 7th April 2019 - a couple of extra days will be permitted for postal entries.
  • Winners will be announced at the 2018 AGM, on our website, and in the September edition of our magazine.
  • Should we proceed with the 2020 Calendar, 12 winning photographs will be selected for publication and the photographers credits in the calendar. Each winner will receive a free calendar, and one overall winner will also receive a further prize of a Garden Gift Voucher.
  • Copyright of the image remains with the member who took the photograph.   Please note:   If you submit and image that you don't own, you alone are legally responcible.
  • By entering the competition, you give your permission to the Cottage Garden Society to use your photo\s for the calendar, merchendise and to advertise the calendar.   (You name will remain with the photograph\s at all times.)


! Re-Opens in December !


   When taking photographs on a phone, try to take them in landscape format.   Portrait might look good, but leaves no room for editing, and they won't be usable to the calendar.

   If you use cloud storage, check your settings.   As a default, all cloud storage will back up a smaller version of your photographs.   This might be fine for viewing and sharing on small screen mobile devices like phones, but is of no use should you want to enter competitions or print your own photographs.   To avoid this issue, adjust your settings to maximum, but always try to send photographs directly from your phone\tablet.   Or, if need be, from a Computer.

   3G services will shrink your images even when attached to an email, this is due to the restricted bandwidth of the service.   4G sometimes shrinks images depending on your monthly allowances and what your settings are.   Some times the phone settings are such, that it will shrink all images above a certain size before sending.   This can sometimes affect WiFi use as well.


   All postal entries are welcome, but remember this is for
SHOP PRINTED images.   If you want your prints back after
the competition, please remember to include
a Stamped Addressed Envelope.   

    More imformation will be on this page, including a Q&A of the most asked questions.

 If you have any problems, or questions, please get in touch.   Help will be given.



Congratulations to all our winners.

January - Helen Drewett

February - Patricia Hardy

March - Gill Threadgold

April - T. Butler

May - Tracy Campbell

June - Alan Cave

July - Christine Weeks

August - Julian Drewett

September - Patricia Hardy

October - Bob Weeks

November - Tricia Haigh

December - Eve Sweeting



We hope you'll join us.



Congratulations to all our winners.

Cover - Gill Threadgold

January - Patricia Hardy

February - Christine Weeks

March - Marian Jones

April - Ann Claydon

May - Jane-Ann Walton

June - Kevin Fletcher

July - Tom Barron

August - Tracy Campbell

September - Ann Broscomb

October - Eve Sweeting

November - Shirley Browning

December - Andrea Brennan



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