The Cottage Garden Society falls under the heading of a "not for profit" organisation and so is exempt from having to notify (register with) the Office of the Data Protection Commisioner.   However, The Cottage Garden Society does comply with the Data Protection Principles as set out in the Act.

   The personal data that members supply will be stored as paper and/or computer records by the Society and used for administrative purposes only.   It will NOT be disclosed to anyone outside the Society without your permission.   If you are concerned about the methods used to store your data, please contact Clive Lane, the Administrator.


   A set of proposed changes is being put before Government soon, and IF they are passed, will come into affect from the 25th of May 2018.   Even with these changes, the Cottage Garden Society falls outside the requirements for registrations.   In short, the C.G.S. DON'T need to register, but will still adhear to the remit.

This is based upon the I.C.O's own testing criteria : 23/02/2018

    There have been a number of emails sent out in a spam\scam program.   The I.C.O's actual website is   and you should never click links in emails which could leave your computer \ tablet \ phone, at risk.

   If you want to visit the I.C.O's official site, make sure in your browser, it reads or   If it reads .gov or something else, you are on a scam site and are at risk.   Also make sure the TO email and FROM emails are correct.   All I.C.O. emails use the I.C.O. domain name.

   If you have been contacted and believe it is a scam, you can contact the I.C.O. directly:

Phone: 0303 123 1113





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