Leaving a Legacy to The Cottage Garden Society

   The Cottage Garden Society has given nearly 40 years of dedicated help, knowledge and inspiration to thousands of fledgling and committed cottage gardeners.   Its members have tracked down and rescued several old cottage garden plants, which, but for the efforts of the Society, could have disappeared.

   By giving a legacy to The Cottage Garden Society you will be providing valuable resources to enable us to continue promoting the Society.   You will enable us to carry on spreading information, enthusiasm and encouragement to more people to ensure that cottage gardens and cottage garden plants continue to be a source of joy and pleasure to gardeners in the future.

What type of legacy would you like to leave?

A residuary legacy

   The residue of your estate is the amount of money that is left after all debts, expenses and taxes have been paid, as all legacies leaving a specific item or a fixed sum of money have been distributed.  A residuary legacy is the gift of the total residue of your estate, or a share or percentage of that residue.

A pecuniary lagacy

   A pecuniary legacy is a fixed sum of money.  If you are considering making a pecuniary legacy, bear in mind that it is very likely to decrease in value over time due to inflation.  For example, a legacy of £1000 written into a Will in 1981 would have lost 60% of its purchasing power at 2010 prices.

A specific legacy

   A specific legacy is a gift in your Will of something other than money.  Examples include property, stocks and shares, the proceeds of a life insurance policy, a car, furniture or jewellery.

   You can easily add a legacy to The Cottage Garden Society to your existing Will by adding a Codicil

   Your solicitor will be able to advise you and prepare the appropriate wording for your Will, but please do remember to give your solicitor clear instructions of your intentions.

   If you do decide to leave us a legacy in your Will, please accept a sincere thank you from all members of The Cottage Garden Society.





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