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CGS Photographic Competition

New for 2016, the Cottage Garden Society announces an annual photographic competition for members.

If one of your new year's resolutions was to do something different, then how about sending in a photo for the competition?  It doesn't have to be taken with a special camera or even in colour.  I'm sure that many members will have some lovely photos of their garden plants or wild life.

Please send them to us (details here) so that we can show what being a cottage gardener means to each of us.  So never mind the weather, get out there and see what you can do.


Good luck to everyone!   Patricia Foster, Chair.


Thu 14th Jan 2016, 09:49

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January Snippings

Potato Days, Seed Suppliers, Throw & Grow, and Edible Flowers.

Fri 8th Jan 2016, 09:24

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Mark Innes, a member of the Snowdrop Group, tells us some snowdrops are already in flower, Three Ships, Barns & Donald Sims Early, and has sent pictures.

Tue 15th Dec 2015, 08:53

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Rob Baston 1933 - 2015

Rob Baston a valued committee member of the Cottage Garden Society and honorary Vice-President, has died at the beginning of December after a long illness.

Mon 7th Dec 2015, 11:15

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Correspondence Group

This Group is listed with the Regional Groups and has published its December 2015 Newsletter. Well worth looking at if this is not somewhere you would normally venture.

Sun 6th Dec 2015, 17:01

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Gifts,Presents & Julia's Gardens Blog

With the festive season approaching, forget the usual gifts and give a gift subscription to the Society or a copy of the Cottage Garden Companion book.

Sat 14th Nov 2015, 15:40

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The Betty Sheppard Memorial Lecture will take place at the Cottage Garden Society AGM on June 5th 2016, Dorset

Wed 14th Oct 2015, 16:55

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The Cottage Garden Society has donated £750 towards making a cottage garden at the National Trust Wimpole Estate, near Royston, Cambridgeshire.

Sat 3rd Oct 2015, 08:42

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Apple Days

October is the month when the majority of apples are ready to harvest and a wealth of events are held around the country to celebrate the glorious apple.

Tue 29th Sep 2015, 09:57

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CGS on Garden Photos BLOG

Julia Boulton, the editor of The Cottage Gardener, the quarterly magazine of The Cottage Garden Society, produces photos for GAP, a horticultural image library.

Tue 8th Sep 2015, 15:33

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Durham Flower Show

Patricia & Roy Foster set up a display at the Durham Flower Show to promote the Cottage Garden Society.

Wed 2nd Sep 2015, 14:34

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Southport Show Display

The Lancashire and North-West Group of the Cottage Garden Society mounted a display at the Southport Flower Show held from 20-23 August and were awarded a gold medal.

Fri 28th Aug 2015, 16:03

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Seed Collecting Time

Now is the time of year when if you stand in your garden you notice seeds heads have formed. Look around and you see more and more examples. Yes, now and throughout September is the time to collect seeds to submit to the Seed Exchange Scheme.

Fri 14th Aug 2015, 14:56

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As some members will have noticed already, the Financial Accounts for the year ended Sept 2014 have been misprinted in the June magazine. All those wanting the correct figures please contact Maureen on

Tue 26th May 2015, 13:58

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Magazine articles wanted

Would you like to write an article for our magazine? PLEASE send contributions to Julia Boulton - articles for September will be needed by July 6th.

Wed 18th Mar 2015, 12:24

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New Virulent Disease in Aquilegias

CGS member Carrie Thomas, holder of the National Plant Collection of aquilegias, is warning all gardeners to be on the look out for downy mildew in these plants.

Sun 15th Feb 2015, 20:11

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New Committee Member

We are pleased to announce that we have a new National Committee co-opted member. Linda Enderby will, we hope, be approved by you at the next AGM.

Sat 24th Jan 2015, 16:38

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Our KB Bursary for 2014 has been awarded to Jessica Mehers. She is retraining for a career in horticulture. We wish her all the best in her new career and look forward to hearing more next year when she has completed her training.

Mon 1st Dec 2014, 18:43

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November News

Maggie Mason, our wonderful seed person, is about to set out for her second charity walk. Follow her travels on her website. Also, ex CGS president Sue Phillips invites CGS members to Alpine Garden Soc meetings in West Sussex

Thu 30th Oct 2014, 19:42

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SEEDS Collected

Seeds ripened well this year. The deadline for sending them to Margaret has now passed. The list will be with you in the December magazine.

Sat 19th Jul 2014, 09:43

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The makers of ‘THE GREAT BRITISH GARDEN REVIVAL’ are looking for green-fingered fanatics to take part in a new TV series - read on if you're interested. Also what about a garden at Chelsea, see below for more information about that too

Wed 21st May 2014, 21:12

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Are you looking for unusual vegetable seeds, plus stories to go with them? A member gives talks on his trips to collect seeds and offers a selection for a small donation.

Tue 4th Mar 2014, 20:22

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GRAND SALE!! Many of our products have now been reduced in price. Take a look at the reductions. The products are also available at shows, along with our new jute bags and single CGS cards.

Sat 25th Jan 2014, 14:35

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Renewing Membership?

All members details have now been updated on the online list, so everybody with an email should be able to easily rejoin provided they do so within a month of their membership lapsing on 30th Sept each year.

Wed 21st Aug 2013, 21:41

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Vegetable Growing

The website now has a section on vegetable growing and more articles on this subject will appear in our magazine. Any articles, information or links you may have for the website please send to us.

Thu 4th Jul 2013, 18:32

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Shows in 2013

Pictures of the shows at Builth Wells - organised and set up by Margaret Mason, and at Gardeners World Live, organised by Sue Clark and Maureen Hersee, can now be seen on the Events pages.

Mon 17th Jun 2013, 21:06

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Insurance change

We have changed our insurance policy to the one arranged through the RHS Affiliated Societies scheme. Please check and note the new arrangements when arranging events. Details are on the insurance page of the website.

Sun 5th May 2013, 20:46

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KB Talks

Five groups submitted requests for help towards getting a really good speaker at a meeting in 2014. These were Shropshire, Lancashire & NorthWest, Yorkshire, Norfolk and Dorset. All will be given £500 from CGS funds.

Sat 20th Apr 2013, 20:42

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KB Bursary

Our first bursary has been awarded to Kirsty Dougall. Along with a RHS Coke Trust bursary, it will enable Kirsty to complete a 9 month placement in the gardens of the National Trust's Knighthayes Court.

Fri 5th Apr 2013, 12:45

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Calling all Sussex members - A new group is being set up in Sussex, and the first meeting will take place on Saturday June 22nd at 2pm, venue to be announced. Please get in touch with Jane Rimmington on 07846 491079 or email her to make plans

Mon 25th Mar 2013, 22:18

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Hope you saw the CGS Snowdrop Group on Gardeners World Live on Friday March 8th

Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 13:03

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Anybody having problems renewing online, please notify me ( or else just rejoin and tell our administrator (in the comments box) that you are renewing.

Sat 24th Nov 2012, 10:54

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CGS in Print

The September RHS affiliated societies magazine has an article about the CGS on p15. In addition, Cheshire Life has an article on Clive Lane and his garden. Go to their websites and find them or read "Read more" below and find them through our website.

Thu 30th Aug 2012, 15:26

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PLEASE NOTE - there is a printing error on the new membership cards. They show membership ceasing on 27/6/2013. This is not the case, the end date is, as ever, 30/09/2013

Fri 1st Jun 2012, 21:44

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Silver-Gilt Medal at Malvern

Many congratulation to designer Rebecca Lloyd and her helpers for the silver gilt awarded by the RHS to her display for CGS at the Malvern Spring Show. Thanks to Rob Baston for all his organisation too.

Mon 14th May 2012, 13:12

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Local Events

CGS North Wales group will be at Denbigh's ENVIRONMENTAL FAIR on May 12th; CGS Wirral group is having a PLANT SALE in Burton on May 19th.

Fri 4th May 2012, 09:34

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Cottage Garden Blog

The Enduring Gardener website has an interesting blog about cottage gardening. Read it on their website or click the link on the read more page

Mon 23rd Apr 2012, 13:23

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Congratulations and Commiserations

Those groups applying to have a KB lecturer in 2013 have now been picked. All were put in a hat and then selected by Irene Skeys of the Worcs group at the last Executive Committee meeting. Congratulations to:

Fri 9th Mar 2012, 15:13

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Dina Penrose

Sadly, in this our 30th Anniversary year, we have to report the passing of our Vice-President, Dina Penrose. She has been a stalwart of The Cottage Garden Society from its very beginnings and a committee member for 25 years.

Mon 27th Feb 2012, 20:00

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Gardeners' Question Time

The North Wales CGS branch was thrilled to host Gardeners' Question Time in Denbigh Town Hall on January 30th 2012 - it was fun. The programme will be aired on Feb 10th.

Fri 30th Dec 2011, 11:31

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WANTED - organisers for the Snowdrop Group

Marion and Gill are stepping down from running the Snowdrop Group. PLEASE HELP - successors are needed. If nobody takes over, the group will fold. Successors now found.

Thu 3rd Nov 2011, 16:41

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Gold at Southport Flower Show

For the second year running, the Lancashire and NW regional group were awarded a gold medal for their display at Southport. Well done all.

Thu 25th Aug 2011, 17:19

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Silver Gilt Medal at Tatton

We were, once again, awarded a silver gilt at Tatton. Many congratulations to all concerned.

Thu 21st Jul 2011, 09:48

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Gardens Wanted

As part of the celebrations for our 30th anniversary next year, we are hoping to have an exhibition, or event, at the Museum of Garden History in London and we need YOUR help.

Tue 5th Jul 2011, 17:54

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Bronze medal at Gardeners World Live

Many thanks and well done to all involved, especially to Sue Clarke and her husband Dave, but also many others. Photos on the Events page.

Thu 16th Jun 2011, 18:55

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Silver Gilt at Malvern Show

Well done and many thanks to all involved -photos now available on the Events page.

Thu 12th May 2011, 20:20

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Wirral Group Plant Sale

This will be held on Saturday 21st May at Gladstone Hall, Burton CH64 5TH from 10am - 1pm. ALL WELCOME

Tue 10th May 2011, 22:40

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Login details for existing members of the Cottage Garden Society

Each member of The Cottage Garden Society who has not joined online can log into our website, by using a special, one time only username and password created for you.

Mon 22nd Nov 2010, 14:16

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Seed list

Good news, the seed list will be with you at the same time as the December magazine.

Thu 4th Nov 2010, 17:40

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