A Package of Seed

Now seeds are just dimes to the man in the store

And the dimes are the things he needs,

And I've been to buy them in season before

But I've thought of them merely as seeds;

But it flashed through my mind as I took them this time,

"You purchased a miracle for a dime".

by Edgar A. Guest  

Seed List

Clich HERE for the 2014-2015 seed list.  All orders should have been with Margaret by January 2015.

Click HERE for the NEW seed exchange rules.
(Document 1 as mentioned in magazine No.129)

Click HERE for seed saving guidelines.
(Document 2 in mag No. 129)

Click HERE for list of seeds of which supply usually outstrips demand (i.e. maybe send less).
(Document 3 in mag No. 129)

Click HERE for list of seeds where demand outstrips supply (i.e. please send more!).
(Document 4 in mag No. 129)

Click HERE for list of short viability seed. 
(Document 5 in mag No 129)

OR if you want to see ALL of these documents with one click, then they are HERE

Other, older information on seeds

Click HERE to find vegetable seeds of unusual varities - provided by a member for donations

Click HERE for info on saving vegetable seeds

Click HERE for an excellent article on seed cleaning from the Alpine Gardening Society

Click HERE for the September 2011 magazine article about collecting seed, written by Magaret Mason

Click HERE for the list of vegetable seed suppliers mentioned in the December 2013 magazine

Seed Distribution

One of the many advantages of being a member of The Cottage Garden Society is that, in the depth of winter, you have the delightful task of choosing several packs of seeds that you would like to receive from a list of over 1500. Send off the order, with a small sum to cover postage, and come February, they will be with you!  Just as much fun, is collecting the seed earlier in the year and sending it in to be distributed to other members. 

This is how it all works: members collect seed as it ripens, clean it and pack it well (so that it doesn't end up on the floor of the Post Office sorting room) and send it off to Magaret Mason, a member of the Executive Committee.  She spends hours checking that it is what it says it is, making sure the Latin name is correct and putting all the seed from one particular species or variety in a large brown envelope.  For instance, 50 people might send in foxglove seed and it all goes in the same big envelope.  At the end of this whole process, Margaret has compiled a numbered list of 1500 or more species and varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetables.  This list goes to Julia Boulton for her to prepare and send to the printers. 

The boxes and boxes of the brown envelopes get transported to the Cheshire group, who spend many hours putting all the seeds into tiny, numbered seed packets (see photo at top right).  Meanwhile, you have received your December magazine and are busy choosing the seeds you'd like.  Once the Cheshire group members have finished their task, the seeds will be returned to Margaret (who has taken over this job from the Severnside group).  Margaret will have received all your orders and will have the job of selecting the seed packets you want (or others if your first choice has run out) and sending the completed orders out to you. 

Last day of fun is sowing the seeds and waiting to see what comes up.  We hear it's sometimes a surprise! 

Seed Packing by Cheshire Group Members

Severnside group making up seed orders

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