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Be a real cottage gardener, mix fruit and vegetables in with your herbs and flowers.

Starting with our September 2013 magazine, we will be including more articles on vegetable and fruit growing in The Cottage Gardener.  These will be put on this page as they are published.  We would also like members to send us information or articles about vegetable and fruit growing to put on the site - please submit to

Recent articles 

Vegetable seeds and tubers Bill Sowerbutts (Sept 2014)

Vegetables in the border Adam Alexander (Sept 2014)

The vegetable patch Shirley Bough (June 2014)

Growing chillies without a garden Judith Varley -Evans (June 2014)

Sow and protect your fruit & veg Bill Sowerbutts (June 2014)

Getting started with vegetables Bill Sowerbutts (Mar 2014)

Five easy veg  Jackie Heron (Dec 2013)

Vegetable plotting  Bill Sowerbutts (Dec 2013)

Growing vegetables Bill Sowerbutts (Sept 2013)

Articles from earlier magazines

Beauty &... (runner beans) by P. Elsmore (Sept '94)

Vegs for small garden by Pam Elsmore (March 1995)

Basil Faulty by Joan Byford (June 2008)

Heirloom Tomatoes by Rand B Lee (June 1999)

Which fruit and vegs.. by M. Meeneghan (Sept 1996)

Onions from sets by Monica Meeneghan (Sept 1999)

Small ...Melon-growing by N. Ratheone (Sept 2006)

Ginger - on a windowsill by Gail Harland (June 2007)

Salsify.... by Diane Quick (Dec 2008)

In the December 2013 magazine, Bill Sowerbutt's mentions a list of vegetable seed suppliers and Potato Days. These have been updated for 2016. Click for the seedlist and click for the Potato Days.

Here are some more useful websites on fruit & vegs - this site aims to provide discounts to allotment societies, horticultural associations and keen individuals.

Learn How to Garden - short video clips on how to....

Adam Alexander's website all about vegetables, especially seeds - he is a CGS member and gives talks too

Vegetable Gardening Life - an excellent, easy to follow site including how and when to grow many vegetables and a section on companion planting

Moles Seeds with culture guideline documents containing lots of information about many different vegetables (and ornamentals)

Grow your Own - masses of info from the RHS on fruit and vegs

No Dig Gardening - veg growing without digging! US-based. SITE NOT ACTIVE

Charles Dowding - another no dig gardener and lots more besides, UK-based

Pests and diseases- for all plants, from the BBC

VegDork - full of information and a place to swap info with other growers

Clairesallotmentblog - follow what is going on in her allotment

MoreVeg - great place to buy seeds, many just 50p

Nicky's Nursery - recommended by a member, good for seeds etc.

The Potato Council - for very keen potato growers! Provides a blight-warning phone app



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