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Another year, and another great job by the Cheshire group at Tatton.

Congratulations on the Silver medal.


The Cheshire group did another amazing job with this years stand.

Main View

End View

,John and Glenys Owen and Susan de  Kretser and Isobel Skelhorn (front & center)


Isobel Skelhorn with the Silver Medal.


   This year at Tatton, the Cheshire Group were back to display at the Show, running from July 19th - 23rd.
   Once again in the Marquee.  Congratulations on another Silver medal well earned.



   The Cheshire Group produced a display for the 2016 Tatton Flower Show which ran from July 20th - 24th.
   Again this was in the National Plant Societies Marquee.  Congratulations on the Silver medal.


   In 2015 the Cheshire Group again produced the display at The RHS Flower Show Tatton Park which ran from 22-26th July.   Pictures below show the whole display, the floral display along the RH side and material along the back wall.   The display was awarded a bronze medal.


The whole display nearing completion. 


The floral display along the RH side of the stand.

Seeds and leaflets along the back wall.

Some of the team take a break from building the display and stumble across a gardener they have seen on TV. 


In 2014, Bill Sowerbutts (from the National Committee) and the Cheshire group organised Tatton for us. As last year, Margaret Norris painted the picture for us. The display was awarded a bronze medal.


In 2013, the display was smaller than usual.  Jean Roscoe did the organising. The wonderful picture was painted by Margaret Norris, Jean was helped by Steph Heron, Glenna and David Toyne. Thanks to Diane and David Ballard of the N. Wales group for the much admired minature cottage garden.


The 2012 display was awarded a silver gilt medal by the RHS judges.  

This picture of Jean Roscoe and Clive Lane in the 2012 Tatton garden, taken by John Cocks, was in the September issue of Cheshire Life in the feature on the Flower Show

In 2011, we were, again, awarded a silver-gilt medal for our display

and here is (part of) the Tatton team for for 2011, from left - Jean Roscoe, Angela Dodwell, Caroline Harcourt, Glenna Toyne and Stephanie Heron.  The backdrop, since 2008, has been painted by Margaret Norris.

In 2010, we were awarded a sliver-gilt medal for our display at the RHS Garden Show Tatton Park



 In 2009, we were awarded a silver-gilt medal


In 2008, we got a GOLD medal


 In 2007, our 25th anniversary, Jean Haywood of Woodseaves Garden Plants set up a wonderful display, twice the size of the stand we normally have.  It was very hard work, but she won us a silver-gilt medal.




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