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   Our insurance is one offered by the RHS to Affiliated Socities.  

    You can visit the R.H.S. website and search in their F.A.Q. about Members' insurance, this will tell you the basic details of the policy and should answer most of your questions about it.    Please note, the R.H.S. is constantly changing the structure of their website, and as such, most links on this site have been removed.    Please visit the R.H.S. site and search for the features or content directly.    The full policy schedule can be found at:

NOTE: R.H.S. links change often, and only part of the information on the page covers our insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Clarke by email:

     Although public liability cover is provided, Groups are reminded that they should always exercise reasonable care in organising events so as to avoid the risk of injury or loss.    In particular, it is recommended that a notice of disclaimer of liability should be posted at car parks, particularly in the case of garden visits where cars are parked on private land.

     In the event of an accident or other incident that might result in an insurance claim, Group Officers or other members should not admit liability, but should state that the matter will be referred to the Insurer.    In such circumstances, the Group Secretary or other member should, without delay, contact the Treasurer for the latest insurer and claim details.

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Please Note:  The insurance does NOT cover damage to or loss of equipment or materials belonging to the Society.  Groups are advised to make their own provision for insurance cover of their audio visual or other equipment if they feel that it is necessary.

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