Would you like to start a new CGS group in your area?

   Firstly, you are very welcome to email Jean Roscoe:
our Groups Coordinator, for help and advice and it always a
idea to let her know your plans as soon as possible.
Bear in mind that new regional groups should ‘promote the
aims and aspirations 
of the Society’ and that all members
of the newly formed group should 
be paid up members
of the National Society.   Only members of the National
Society are covered 
by CGS insurance should an accident
occur at 
meetings and outings.
   You decide on where the first meeting will be and at that
meeting you can 
discuss what members would like the format
to be.  
For instance:
  • When to meet - all year round, or spring to autumn,
    once a month or more 
    often; at what time?
  • Where to meet - at a local village hall or in a member’s home?
  • What you want to do - have talks, garden visits, plant
    sales, plant swaps or all 
    of these?
  • How to fund the meetings - an annual charge, a charge
    to attend meetings, 
    raise funds from raffles, plant sales, etc.?

   Note that newly set up groups can apply to the CGS
Executive Committee for
an interest-free loan to cover initial
costs of, 
for instance, a meeting room, trips, speakers,
advertising, etc. Any loan must be 
repaid within 12 months
of the establishment of the new group.

   Once you have a nucleus of a group, contact the Groups
Coordinator to confirm 
you are going ahead and ask our editor,
Julia Boulton, to 
put an announcement
in the CGS magazine.
  • How to attract more members:
    Clive Lane, our Administrator
    , can help.
   You can also advertise in your local garden centre, library, paper,
etc. There is a 
CGS poster on the website which can be downloaded.
Don’t be put off by a 
slow response, a few people are enough to
make a start!

   Once you have your group set up, officers can be elected as
you think necessary.   
In all cases, it is advisable to have a
Chairperson/Group Leader and a Treasurer.   
A named contact
person is needed for the website. A committee can be formed 
later, if required.
  • The constitution
    Available under the ‘About Us’ section of the website.
   The formal rules about setting up of groups and this must be
read and adhered to.   
Note that should the group fold at any
time, its funds, property, books and papers 
are to be handed
over to the Executive Committee to go into general CGS funds.
Though the Executive Committee has to have responsibility
for CGS regional 
groups to protect the reputation of the Society,
it does not interfere in the normal running 
of the groups; each
acts more or less independently.
A full downloadable copy of this information is available HERE
photographic competition


    The Cottage Garden Society's Photographic Competition runs from December to April, and is advertised in our magazine.   For rules & contact details, please see our Magazine for everything you need to know.    Help and advice is also available on the site.   Additional help will be given by contacting the email for entries.

    Submission by post (shop made prints ONLY)
and email to the address given in the magazine.

Next Competition runs:

Dec 1st 2020 to Apr 16th 2021

May be extended if similar Global problems occur

More info click > HERE <

STATUS: * * * * C L O S E D * * * *

Cottage Garden Society Calendars

- = 2020 CALENDAR = -
Last few remaining

    Our Cottage Garden Society 2020 Calendar is now available from our Adminstator.

We have managed to keep the price down to the same as last year.

Single calendars are now only £ 5:00 from our Adminstrator.
Prices vary for bulk orders or if bought direct from group representative.
If at an event, £5:00 - From your Group Contact, some postage will be incurred.
Direct from the Admistrator they are

    All images are from our photographic competition winners.
A list of which will be in the September 2018 Magazine.

    The 2020 Competition opens in December 2019.

See the December Magazine for details, & our Photographic page for help and advice.   You can also email for help if you have a problem.

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